Love is a virus!

” Love is a virus that infects you… “

Love is not a virus… it is a choice!
And I would love to have it one day

Even if is a virus…
but, it is a virus that injects life
it is a virus that push you to work
make you sick if the lover is not there
help you take bad times in a better way.
A virus that opens illusions in your heart
and also make you dream in the middle of the day
or force to search happiness in others, rather than you!

Yes, love is not a virus, but it does change who you are!
and if love is missing…
You just want to get any real virus to make you sick and died !
Love is not a virus, but it is the best source to ignite a writer!
Love is not a virus that infect you, love is a choice we make every day

Can we have our choice made?


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Fall Starts Today

As time goes on and on, fall starts once again,

for some people fun times just keep going on

for others less fortunate, it’s cold coming on

for the rest of the world, living it’s not a game!

Leaves will fall again, leaving trees naked to the eye

grass will change its color from green to gray

just to mix together with trees to blend as one big grave

it will force us to come to rest and close our eyes

Next in line, thanksgiving will come

smiles will show left and right

cold will be ignored for thanksgiving rite

leaving warm memories when thanksgiving is gone.


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New semester at Southwest TN Community College

       Today is the beginning of the end of my first step in my education. With this coming semester I will end one of my goals as a machine builder.

cellnote 1401

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Do you believe?

Do you believe?
Someone asked me today if I believe in God or not?
I did not answer as the person expected!
I questioned back, what God, which one?
The answer to my questions were…
” There is only one, just one God, Do you believe? “
What if I don’t? I replayed…
“You must believe in something!”
 I do believe in a big ban…
I do believe in evolution…
I do believe en life…
And I know we will die!
“Thousand Gods one sky!”
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Stay… Don’t go, STAY my love!

So touching… I feel every word in my skin…  Breaking every patch that covers the scars she left… STAY my heart scream in silence notes… STAY my eyes write with every drop that falls… Stay, stay, stay, stay I can’t live without you!


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Can not be silent no more…

Hi Delilah: 

I am one of the long time listeners you have in the background, faceless, soundless, and motionless… up to now!

There are no questions about the reasons I listened to you for a long time, the music, the words, the comments, sometimes even the commercials. 

There are some days that I cannot listen to you, whether I want it or not, simply I don’t listen to you, and there are days that I listened to you and find myself at completely disagreement with the stuff you say to others, in commercials, directly or just in general, and I would prefer not to be listen to you.

As human beings, we all go in our days changing continuously. Since the first moment we have knowledge, everything around us changes, and with that “everything” we change too. The way we perceive life with all the good and bad things change too… sometimes for better but sometimes not.

Not all good is right nor all bad is wrong. If someone is going through changes in their life, losing a love one at divorces, death, separations or just not desire to be with the same person NO more… If someone is passing those moments don’t judge, just the person that call you as a victim… We should not condemn those ones who chose to be silent, faceless, soundless or motionless… They may be the real victims, who chose to be quiet and go on with their lives!

Everyone is this life has a story to tell, a reason to scream, a moment to cry, a smile to share, a reason to die… but not everyone is ready to come to light and show it to others.
Most of the ones who choose to talk are looking for approve, are looking for support, are looking for words to reinforce that what they did was right, therefore most of them do not see what they did as wrong!

So let try to prevent those judgments, those words of sentencing the faceless, soundless, and motionless, who desire just to listen to you in peace from now on.

“Just another listener.”

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This time, I am going to start to

This time, I am going to start to talk about time.. so lets start with the big ban… is that the beginning?

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