Can not be silent no more…

Hi Delilah: 

I am one of the long time listeners you have in the background, faceless, soundless, and motionless… up to now!

There are no questions about the reasons I listened to you for a long time, the music, the words, the comments, sometimes even the commercials. 

There are some days that I cannot listen to you, whether I want it or not, simply I don’t listen to you, and there are days that I listened to you and find myself at completely disagreement with the stuff you say to others, in commercials, directly or just in general, and I would prefer not to be listen to you.

As human beings, we all go in our days changing continuously. Since the first moment we have knowledge, everything around us changes, and with that “everything” we change too. The way we perceive life with all the good and bad things change too… sometimes for better but sometimes not.

Not all good is right nor all bad is wrong. If someone is going through changes in their life, losing a love one at divorces, death, separations or just not desire to be with the same person NO more… If someone is passing those moments don’t judge, just the person that call you as a victim… We should not condemn those ones who chose to be silent, faceless, soundless or motionless… They may be the real victims, who chose to be quiet and go on with their lives!

Everyone is this life has a story to tell, a reason to scream, a moment to cry, a smile to share, a reason to die… but not everyone is ready to come to light and show it to others.
Most of the ones who choose to talk are looking for approve, are looking for support, are looking for words to reinforce that what they did was right, therefore most of them do not see what they did as wrong!

So let try to prevent those judgments, those words of sentencing the faceless, soundless, and motionless, who desire just to listen to you in peace from now on.

“Just another listener.”


About jcarias

Life is a trip that started when we opened our mind and end just after we close it, else we vegetated.
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