Love is a virus!

” Love is a virus that infects you… “

Love is not a virus… it is a choice!
And I would love to have it one day

Even if is a virus…
but, it is a virus that injects life
it is a virus that push you to work
make you sick if the lover is not there
help you take bad times in a better way.
A virus that opens illusions in your heart
and also make you dream in the middle of the day
or force to search happiness in others, rather than you!

Yes, love is not a virus, but it does change who you are!
and if love is missing…
You just want to get any real virus to make you sick and died !
Love is not a virus, but it is the best source to ignite a writer!
Love is not a virus that infect you, love is a choice we make every day

Can we have our choice made?



About jcarias

Life is a trip that started when we opened our mind and end just after we close it, else we vegetated.
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One Response to Love is a virus!

  1. jcarias says:

    Love is a virus most definitely !

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